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    Click here to see all upcoming workshops, summer camps, learn about Moneytalk events, volunteer opportunities, and more.  Be sure to complete your registration and early bird rate where applicable.


Volunteer Champions

Financial Support

    There are many ways to assist financially:

    • Start by attending a promotional class.
    • Sponsor a class at a non-profit, your location, or other organization
    • Donate to support general operating costs
    • Participate in fundraisers
    • Purchase from organizations who give back to the designated charity

Items Needed to Grow

    To date, classes have only been offered at other organization’s facilities.  All program, administrative, and other work has taken place at the Executive Director’s home.  We have outgrown this space.  It is time to move out of the dining room and into an actual office.

    Moving into a new office space will require furniture, equipment, supplies, and much more.  If you have any to donate or would like to contribute financially to their purchase, click here. 

    Some examples of items we need are:

    • For Office Space - Printers, Desks, Office Chairs, Notebook Computers, Shelving, Storage, Office Supplies, etc.
    • For Materials Assembly Work Area - Printers, Paper, Ink, Toner, Comb Binding Machine, Plastic Combs, Staplers, Paper Cutters, Tables, Chairs, Shelving Units, Storage Cabinets, etc.
    • For Classroom Space - Tables, Chairs, Projector, Pens, Pencils, White Board & Markers, etc.

Most importantly, please PRAY for us.

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